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ShopSavvy 4 on Android is LIVE! Download NOW!

We are pleased to officially announce the release of ShopSavvy 4 on Android is released. ShopSavvy was original smartphone shopping application and one of the first 10 apps available in the Android market. The original version of ShopSavvy was built BEFORE Apple launched the iPhone App store and was the winner of Google’s Android Developer Challenge. Today, the application is one of the most downloaded apps on Android with over 10 million users. While ShopSavvy is popular on the iPhone (top 100 overall app), for every iPhone user we have 4 Android users. ShopSavvy 4 is a complete overhaul of the original application – almost one year in the making. (Oh and before you ask, we renamed the old app GoCart and you can download it here or get it from the market to keep using the original version of ShopSavvy). Writing a story and need pictures or video? Download our presskit for pictures or visit our digital newsroom for video.

Major Look & Feel Overhaul. ShopSavvy 4 on Android offers users a completely revamped design leveraging all of the latest Android elements and features. The new updated look is clean and crisp offering Android users an arguably better user interface than their iPhone counterparts. The Springboard, seen to the right, is modeled on the Android Market and has been a huge hit with beta testers who rave about the ‘scans happening right now’ feature which allows them a glimpse into the shopping activity of other users.

Deals, Live and Local. While users rave about the new Live Deals constant stream of product deals found by other users, they are also enjoying Local deals from our various partners including Groupon. Today there are deals offering users a chance to win everything from laptops to iPads simply for scanning everyday products. (European users will be glad to note that you can disable live deals in settings to save bandwidth – metered data is expensive)

New Scanner Technology. ShopSavvy 4 offers Android users the same scanning technology we originally implemented in our iPhone version (the SDK is available to any Android or iPhone developer for free). The new SDK is almost twice as fast as our original implementation. Approximately 20% of Android users have phones with fixed focal length cameras that render almost all scan app iphone useless. Our latest technology supports BOTH fixed focal length and variable focal length cameras – scanning all 1D and 2D barcodes. Our secret is a combination of on the phone scanning AND server side scanning – the combination allows us to double the speed of each scan while supporting all camera types. Users can now scan barcodes upside down, sideways or right side up – 360 degree scanning.

Enhanced Product Coverage. ShopSavvy 4 on Android allows users to leverage the latest version of our product/retailer catalog called PriceNark 4 (an upgraded version from 3.2 the previous version of ShopSavvy used). Product coverage is now 50% greater and includes local inventory from hundreds of local retailers in the US and Europe. PriceNark 4, while much like local search engines like Milo or Krillion, also leverages product and price data from other users – each minute more than five prices from local retailers are entered by users making PriceNark the most complete local search engine. Users are notified of local inventory through the use of the ‘blue dot’. Whenever users see the blue dot next to a retailer you know they have it in stock (stocking status provided by retailer).

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