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Why should you know how to write an essay?

How often this question is asked by pupils without even thinking about its importance. For them, the answer is always obvious - no one needs it. In fact, the essay is a training in logical thinking and consistent presentation of your thoughts. Yes, for the development of logic there is still such a subject as mathematics to help students. And this is very good, because when these two supposedly completely opposite subjects alternate, the brain does not have a single chance to stay away from logic. It will definitely develop. Mathematics gives clarity and consistency. Composition gives the skill of analysis and identifying cause and effect. Combine these two skills and you are ready to be an elite.

What is the essence of an essay? It is a coherent, persuasive statement of analytical thought on a clearly defined topic. A person is faced with a bare sheet of paper and one single question or topic to which they must find their own thoughts. This is not a test that involves bluntly marking on the presumably correct answer. There's a blank sheet of paper and that's it. To fill this sheet the brain has to work on both hemispheres. The more often a person writes essays, the more often the brain will work at full speed. By the way, successful essay writing takes years of practice. That is why it is desirable to teach such skills in schools as early as in the third form. To learn how to write a perfect essay, read here:

A person who is able to present his thoughts competently and consistently will always have advantages in convincing others of his position. Consequently, he/she will be able to be a leader, will be able to achieve the desired goal much faster and easier (for example, to move up the career ladder or to get a bonus), will feel much more confident and know how to lead people.

Sometimes it happens that an important idea is born in the mind in a vague way. A person would like to grab it by the tail, but they are not very good at it. However, as soon as the person picks up a pen and tries to put his thoughts on paper, the picture immediately becomes clear. Thoughts line up and become clear. And one sees at once if there are mistakes in the reflections, which aspect needs to be worked on more, where is the weakest link requiring additional arguments and facts (quotes from a book, phrases of main characters from a movie or even life).

A person who is trained to write an essay will easily analyze his or her life situation and understand where it is best to go, not relying on a herd instinct. If you can write essays well, then you are a Person, for you will always have your own opinion.

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