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History is one of the oldest sciences of mankind, the subject of which is the study of facts and events of the past, their cause and effect relationship. The cradle of the origin of history is considered ancient Greece. Its founding father is the famous ancient Greek historian and philosopher Herodotus (5th century B.C.).

Why study history? What does the study of history give us? The question that probably every person has asked himself. The answer is simple and obvious - by studying the past, we build our future, guided by the rich experience of a generation that lived many centuries before us. It is not for nothing that the most fervent connoisseurs of history, the ancient Greeks, called it "the instructor of life. The study of history reveals to us the colorful world of a bygone reality. We become direct participants in the events of bygone days that have shaped modern human society. History has no unimportant pages, because each century lived by mankind, carries in itself an instructive and instructive nature.

The main difficulty in the study of history is that all historical facts are based on the writings of participants and observers of events, and in most cases they are filled with political subjectivism and share all the fallacies of their time. Therefore, the main point in the study of history is that it is not enough just to state historical events, but also to trace their impact on subsequent times.

What is history? History should be treated not only as a scientific discipline, but also as a fascinating way to learn about the past. Everyone can find something interesting for themselves, because history is not only a chronicle of bloody wars and revolutions, but also bright medieval knights' tournaments, exquisite balls of the Victorian era, important and dear to every Russian heart tradition of the Slavic peoples.

History painstakingly works with eternal human values, but it never makes its own assessments. It gives us this right. It is an impartial observer of the life of mankind, never pointing out the guilty or the victims. We must do this through an in-depth analysis of the historical facts.

Cognition of the Past History The process of knowledge of the past is mandatory for every person, because history has repeatedly amazed humanity with its cyclicality. Some historical events tend to repeat to the present day, but in a more modified form. History shows the impossibility of changing the past, so that a person thinks about how he builds the present, because in a few years it will already be added to its lists.

History must be taught in order to have the right to be called a truly educated person. After all, to know and remember how the statehood of his country was born, what path passed the people to become a full-fledged society, how the culture of mankind developed - is the sacred duty of man and citizen.

Once one begins to study history, a person can not stop this long and such an interesting process, and often it lasts a lifetime. After all, you can learn history not only in archives and when working with artifacts. It surrounds us in our towns and villages, it lives in our grandparents, in our present. One need only have the desire to join her mysterious and fascinating content.

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