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Facebook ad CTR is up 160% year-over-year and CPC is down 2%. Ad impressions are up 40% year-over-year and 41% quarter-over-quarter.

It has been noted that ┬╝ of videos played on Facebook and 15.7% of Facebook post impressions happen on Fridays.

More Engagement with Age

Social media seems to be getting more engaging with age with 123helpme review still dominating the social realm. Ad clicks and impressions are both up which means more competition. Marketers continue to expand Facebook offerings by implementing more targeted ads to take advantage of an engaged audience.

Comments and shares have gotten larger which is a sign that brands are getting better at engaging fans.

Comments share of post engagement is up 40%  quarter-over-quarter.  The opportunity here is for marketers to keep adapting and fiding ways to ensure fans see their content both from within and out of Facebook.

Post Types Engagement

Posts with links have increased substantially in the last quarter. Engagement with video posts was up by 58%.

Posts from paperhelp scam with images continue to get the highest engagement.

Posts with links are up 167% this quarter over the last quarter with text posts quickly declining in share and engagement. Marketers should consider more video posts and Fridays would be a good bet to start posting.

Video Engagement

Video play growth is the most impressive of all.

Video plays are up 785% year-over-year and 134% quarter-over-quarter. This increase has come about after auto-plays were implemented in Q4.

Marketers need to continue optimizing to take advantage of Facebook algorithm changes in order to get the most value from your posts.

Interestingly, nearly a ┬╝ of all video plays on Facebook occur on Fridays.

Marketers can create successful long term social strategies by knowing their audiences and when they are engaging.

Engagement by Day

As you may have realized, Fridays are the best days for commenting, sharing, and liking.

  • 17% of comments occur on Friday
  • 16% of likes occur on Fridays.
  • 16% of shares occur on Fridays.
  • Sunday is the least likely day to receive a comment on a post.

Weekends are best time to get engagement from consumers. Marketers can look to schedule posts for release throughout Fridays and Saturdays.

Clearly, social continues to come of age for marketers as they learn the art of social media engagement.



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