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How To Teach And Motivate Your Friends To Sew

Motivation is an essential part to keep going in any field. If you have no motivation then how you are supposed to move forward and keep loving your work? Motivation is something which attracts other towards you and they will accept you as their mentor. If you have good vibes and great energy then you can help other people in moving forward in their sewing career and you can teach them a lot about their work.

If you have the a good starter sewing machine for beginners and you have good skills to help someone out and to motivate them then this is the time to contribute in someone鈥檚 life. If you have a friend who is looking for a help regarding sewing and wants to learn how to keep motivating yourself then read this and help your friends out. Be their mentor.

How To Teach And Motivate Your Friends To Sew

If you need more technical information about the sewing machines or to guide your friend about best basic sewing machine for beginners you should visit this website.

Organize Sewing Place:

So the basic thing we all tend to ignore is the setting of the place where you are working. Motivation and positive energy come from the place where you are working and in what kind of environment you are spending your day? If you have a great environment with lots of ideas and good theme then definitely this is enough to keep someone going and to love the work.

If you want to help your friend to motivate them and to push them for work then first organize the place and help them in creating the right theme for the sewing. Keep colors in the room, start hanging handmade patterns on the wall for the ideas and organize everything in a professional manner. From fabric stack to the tools, everything should be in a different section. This tip is going to impact a positive change at the person.


If you want to motivate someone around you for sewing and they are going through the emotions where no one is encouraging their work then you must be the one who gives compliments. Praising someone plays a great role in moving forward no matter if they are just sewing a small piece of the keychain. You just have to let them know how cool it is.

The more you will compliment them about their work, the more they will try to attempt things. You never know when they will show you something amazing. So your second step should be praising your friend for the work and how you people can make it work together. In case they are sewing something wrong, first tell them how beautiful it is and then let them know what they can improve later in the project.


First, make sure they have a perfect and well-working best cheap sewing machine for beginners at their sewing table. If they don鈥檛 own one, then you can visit聽 to help your friend in finding the right one for the further work.

Help your friend choose an affordable sewing machine

Once you people have a machine, now start helping a person in observing things like pattern making, dressmaking, creating something out of the rough stack and how they can make things on their own. Let them play with the things without any disturbance and keep moving forward. Help them in understanding the technical things about the sewing or read the manual for further help.

Show Some Projects:

Let鈥檚 jump to the chapter which is important and this will play a great role in pushing someone forward in their career. If you have a few projects available in your sewing area or if you have a catalog full of simple to complicated projects, this is the high time to help them in making something to boost the confidence. You have no idea how grateful they will be for this.

If your friend is a complete beginner then let them start from the straight line or from the construction of the pillow cover. Help them in preparing it to step by step and show them some book to copy. Let them make a 2-3 project in a week and soon they will start loving the work as well as they will be a big fan of sewing. You can also show some of your projects so they can examine the stitches and pattern in real and can understand the whole process.


I used to do this since my childhood. This is something which always works and you can鈥檛 deny it how we all are desperate to get the reward for our hard work. There is always a child in us which keep asking for more and more for the good work and promise to do better once we start doing it well. This is the trick you should apply to someone who lacks motivation and energy to work.

Now you have to set the certain goals to help them in reaching that level. Assign them something which is easy for them to prepare and they don鈥檛 have to go through the heartbreak and same lack of energy again. Tell them to complete a project in a time limit and then you can do something together like going to a movie, watch the favorite show together, eat something amazing what you both like or cook something.

Give priority to something they love to do so when you will assign them something, they can complete it in the given time limit just to reach that reward and then, of course, you can motivate then by showing what an amazing job they have done.


To motivate someone for a work and to help someone in moving forward is not an easy thing to accomplish. You have to completely understand the person as well as adopt few steps to support them in their work. Let them learn about the sewing machine if they have or watch this video on How To Buy The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Making Clothes Tips And Reviews聽 with your friend in making a decision about the sewing machine.

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