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Explaining All the Myths about Your Vacuum Cleaner Suction Power

Let’s take a look as our experts guide you through all the most common myths about vacuum cleaner suction power.

How do you measure suction power?

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To start with, different manufacturers tend to put on varied measuring units for their products’ suction power. Here you’ll find the most common units when shopping for a new vacuum cleaner.

  • Airflow (CFM) – This unit measures the power of airflow from the vacuum head to the dust bag. More specifically, it tells you the amount of air being sucked from your vacuum hose within one minute. You’ll find this the most intuitive unit as it provides the precise suction power of your vacuum. But sadly, not all manufacturers want to list this figure on their products.
  • Air Watts (AW) – To measure the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner, we also have the Air Watts. It measures the amount of power your vacuum requires to deliver a unit of air through its suction hose. Hence, you’ll know if your vacuum cleaner is efficient enough.
  • Watts – Most manufacturers tend to use this unit to indicate its products’ suction power. However, keep in mind that it’ll just tell you the power that is required for their motors to work. Generally speaking, with higher watts comes better suction power. But that’s not always the case since there are still other aspects to consider. Hence, it’s not wise to always believe in the watts unit that is listed on your vacuum cleaner.

Do canister vacuums have better suction power compared to uprights?

The most common types of vacuum cleaners tend to fall into two categories, the canister vacuums and upright vacuums. As a rule of thumb, since upright vacuums also rely on the sweep-and-vibrate action instead of depending solely on the suction power of the hose like the canister ones, you’ll generally find your canister vacuum more powerful than the uprights. But that doesn’t mean the upright vacuums are not as effective since vacuum cleaning also involves other factors.

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How do I know if my vacuum has high suction power?

While you don’t necessarily need to have the top rated vacuum cleaners with high suction power, it’s always a bonus to have one that can offer impressive performance when and if it is needed.

A simple way to test your vacuum’s suction power is by turning it to “carpet” mode, which is usually the most powerful mode. Attach the floor head on your hose and try to stick it onto your wall using pure suction power. If it stays on the wall, then it means that your vacuum is quite powerful.

Is having a powerful vacuum always good?

Having a powerful vacuum with good suction is usually a good thing as it allows you to work more effectively with your cleaning jobs. Still, if you only have a small room to clean then you might need to consider the noise that it can cause as well as the escalated electric bill. In this case, having a small and portable Best vacuum cleaners on the market is more reasonable.


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