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 Writing an Essay on Child Labour

Role of the government 

Government schools do not have proper arrangements and private schools are very expensive. Because of this, parents of poor families living in our country are unable to provide education to their children. The government should open more and more government schools and also reduce the fees of private schools so that more children in the country can take up education. According to the experts from homework answers websites the educated person is an asset to the country which helps to promote the development of the country whereas an uneducated person is a liability for the country.

Many poor family people think that they are born to work in this world. They believe that if they worked throughout their lives, their children would also work. His thinking is absolutely wrong because time is not always the same thing, it keeps changing. Over time, everything else also changes.

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Effects of Child Labour

Due to child labour, many children remain uneducated and they either grow up to become laborers or become criminals. This would cause great harm to the country as an illiterate person is a liability for the country. This leads to unemployment and poverty. The future of the country depends on todayÔÇÖs children. . Many children die due to an accident while working in a factory. For a little money, they have to do daily work that can even kill them.

How can we eradicate Child Labour From Our Society

We need to end child labour in our society. To end this, we must first change our thinking. We should not employ children in our homes or offices. If we see any children around us while working, then we should immediately do a police complaint. We have to raise our voice against those who make children work. We should hand such people over to the police as soon as possible. So that anyone thinks a thousand times before getting the children to work.

If we are able, then we can provide education to those children by keeping them with us. We should give parents love for those children. Education is the fundamental right of every child and we should provide education to children. Educating a child is a very pious task. If we are unable to teach a child, then we should take him to a good NGO.

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Education is the fundamental right of every child. Whether he gets anything else or not, he should get an education. No one in the world should have the right to snatch his childhood from a child, even if it is his parents. An educated person can change the whole world.

TodayÔÇÖs children will decide tomorrowÔÇÖs future. Therefore we should help every child so that he can live his childhood well. We should help as much as possible of those children who have been separated from their parents for any reason. This is the greatest patriotism for the country.

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