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In our series of real estate franchises that we inaugurate today with Remax, we will review the history and teachings of the large chains with a presence in Spain, as well as the main lessons they can contribute to small businesses like yours.

It seems impossible to walk through any of our streets without finding a Remax real estate. Its presence in our country dates back to the 90s and since then it has not stopped growing, populating every corner of our cities with its unmistakable style.

History of Remax and origin of the real estate franchise

The real estate franchise was born in 1973 by two agents, Dave and Gail Liniger, from Denver, Colorado. When the large real estate franchises dominated the market, such as Century 21 and Coldwell Banker, these two professionals launched an exclusive work system based on self-employment.

In a short time this method proved to be a true success and in 1978, on its fifth anniversary, (acronym for maximum results) it already had 1,000 real estate agents throughout the United States.

On the occasion of this anniversary and by chance, the most famous logo of the brand was born, the Remax balloon.

From that moment on, true brand expansion begins beyond the borders of the United States. Two Canadians, Frank Walter and Polzler Schneider, are introducing the partner vendor system in Canada. With broad prospects for market growth, the system finds a great reception, reaching 20,000 agents in 1988.

During the 90s, the brand spread throughout the Caribbean and Mexico, southern Africa and Europe under the guidance of the current director of international expansion Margaret Kelly.

It stands out that of all the European countries Spain is the first to have a real estate franchise of this chain. The international Group lands in our country at the hands of Javier Sierra, current president of the company in our country. At present, the territory covered by the real estate company represents 54 regions in 37 European countries with a population of around 500 million inhabitants.

In 2005 it reached the highest rate of expansion in Europe and reached the milestone of 10,300 real estate agents spread over more than 1,600 real estate agencies in 36 nations.

The first decade of the 21st century brings to the Franchise the accolades achieved after years of hard work and great expansions. Its leader Dave Liniger, co-founder of the company is named as the most influential man of the year in the United States. In our country, it receives the prestigious award from the CESINE group as the best real estate franchise of the year in our country.

It is also in these years that the International Group receives the Best Work Place 2012 recognition as one of the best companies to work for in our country, being the first company in the real estate sector to receive an award of this type in Spain.

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Remax values ‚Äč‚Äčand philosophy

One of the differentiating characteristics is the philosophy with which it works worldwide.¬†Since its inception, the international franchise has endeavored to convey confidence in the personal growth of its associates and in ethical values ‚Äč‚Äčwhen working with clients.

The pillars on which the philosophy of the company is based are 3:

  1. The associated real estate agent receives unconditional support that allows him to work independently at Remax, benefiting from the constant training that the company offers. The International Group is based on the principle that the success of its associates is the success of the company.
  2. Independence when developing your own goals. The brand's philosophy includes a series of supports that help the members of the real estate franchise to develop all facets of their work, such as online real estate marketing or sales, but with total independence. In this way, each associate is the one who defines their own limits.
  3. It should be noted that working at Remax implies acceptance of an unprecedented code of ethics in the market. Real estate agents are committed to professional conduct based on honesty, accountability and a set of agreed standards that allow clients to get the best out of each member.

Remax University school and training

Without a doubt, the Remax University School is well known and its ongoing training received by the associated real estate agent.

From the beginning they were very aware of the need to train all those who embarked on this adventure and over the years the Group has developed a sophisticated real estate training system.

As a result of this effort, Remax University was born, where agents and associates can enjoy the only real estate university in the world. It provides training related to all facets of the life of a real estate agent, from sales, coaching, legal and technical aspects, as well as marketing and advertising for real estate .

And for all those who have already attended the Remax School, the brand offers specialization courses and continuous training, in addition to attending international real estate events and congresses in Spain.

Opinions of the associated agents to work in the real estate Remax Spain

If you are considering working at Real Estate Remax Spain and you want to know the opinions of other real estate agents, in the job portal indeed , you will find a lot of evaluations of advisers from all over the world who work or have worked in the real estate franchise.

Remax franchise price: How much does it cost?

Do you want to know how much the Remax franchise costs? We leave you a link to the quefranchise portal where you will find all the conditions and costs. Although it is best to contact the franchise in case the information on the portal is not updated.

Mybroker: technology as the basis for success

It is clear that the support of the brand is not limited to training, the presence of technology is one of the differentiating aspects. Real estate agents have at their service, a web design for real estate and software, as well as other management tools, such as MyBroker that permanently connects the agent with the Remax Group headquarters.

In addition to these management tools, the brand has an application called Mainstreet that offers associated real estate agents international information with recommendations for the applications of the advertising and marketing guidelines as well as the possibility of using a design center with access to content advertising such as ready-to-use posters and advertisements.

Finally, Remax real estate franchises in Spain have access to all kinds of promotional tools, such as Imagina, one of the most important specialized marketing consultancies in our country.

7 lessons of success for your agency

There are many lessons that we could draw from the history of Remax and the results of the most important real estate franchise in the world. We are going to focus on seven fundamental aspects so that you can apply these lessons to a business like yours.

  1. Work hard and the results will come.

The founders did not have it easy.¬†In their beginnings in the sector they had to face companies such as Century 21 and Coldwell Banker.¬†In the words of Vinnie Tracey, current president of the international Remax group, ‚Äúa lot of people laughed at us, they just didn't take us seriously‚ÄĚ.¬†It goes without saying that the beginnings of any innovative business are always tough, but if there is one thing we can learn from the founders and main drivers of the brand, it is that perseverance has its rewards.

  1. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčin the execution of new ideas

It is surprising that one of the pillars of the brand is the speed with which executive decisions continue to be made. It was one of the characteristics of the brand from the beginning and its managers continue to pride themselves on it.

We like that the Remax franchise takes into account that people who are thinking of buying or selling their house are in a delicate situation, in which they need highly competitive professional profiles, in which speed of movement is key to giving a good service.

Learn from them and don't leave a call unanswered, or an email unanswered within a reasonable amount of time. You never know where the next sale might come from!

  1. Advertising

One of the main incentives of the International Group when it comes to attracting new associated real estate agents is the great recognition that the brand enjoys. To do this, millions of euros are invested every year in sponsorships and advertisements on all channels, from press and radio to all available online media.

In this way, to talk about this real estate franchise is to imagine the balloon that accompanies its brand and the unmistakable red and blue colors. You may not have the same financial muscle as this real estate, but if you are starting to start a real estate, remember that brand presence in the media is key.

You can start with a real estate website or by having a presence on social networks. Whatever it is, remember that a brand that is not known generates mistrust among consumers and is one of the main reasons for going to the real estate franchise.

  1. Expansive sense

It is also striking that when looking back, those responsible for the franchise remember its clear expansive vocation. From the beginning they were clear that they wanted to compete with the big boys and not remain anchored in the local market.

It may not be your case, especially after having survived the real estate crisis, but keep in mind that competition is fierce and will be more so as the market recovers. To prevent the large real estate franchises in Spain from taking away the piece of cake that you can and want to have access to, establish strategic alliances with agents in your sector, such as other small real estate agencies or collaborations in specific products such as property rental.

  1. 24 hour training

It is a constant in real estate franchises. It is mainly due to the lack of approved studies to work as  an independent real estate agent   and the high turnover of the sector in Spain.

We know that it is not easy to spend all day working and also find time to train. We know. But it should be a constant in your day to day as an agent or owner of a real estate. There is no other.

The training will give you access to better and more sophisticated work tools with which to increase your productivity and deepen in a profession where nothing is written. Also, if these reasons do not convince you, think that we depend on two circumstances that are in permanent evolution: the client and the real estate market. Knowing the status of both will help you grow professionally.

  1. Use the right tools

In this work of training and continuous learning, the technological tools that you have at your disposal have an important role. If your real estate does not belong to one of the best real estate franchises in Spain, the search for the right software can become frustrating.

If you don't currently have customer management tools (CRM) that allow you to track contacts, it's time to upgrade.

  1. Have a good real estate website

Last but not least, we want to highlight the powerful network of services available to the Remax franchise. The brand offers its real estate agents a website for each local office, in addition to the national website, which functions as an umbrella throughout the national territory.

In the case of agents, it has a specific website for collaboration between them, as well as a series of tools to facilitate the flow of information.

Even if your real estate is local, you can start by creating a real estate website that offers online the showcase of properties for sale or rent. It is the first step of an online presence that allows customers to find you and get to know you.


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