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Bissell 9595a Review: Your Perfect Bagless Vacuum?

For the consumer who’s on a budget, finding the right vacuum cleaner that would work on your house is very challenging. With a tight budget, your options will be significantly narrowed down, leaving you with only a few available options.

But less options doesn’t mean you will be able to pick the best suited vacuum easily. In facs, there will be a lot of considerations to make regarding what you really want from your vacuum.

Having said that, in this post, we’ll be introducing one of the best rated vacuum cleaners  out there for anyone who’s looking for a budget bagless vacuum: the Bissell 9595a.

About the Bissell 9595a

This product is a high-quality vacuum from the CleanView lineup of Bissell. That being said the Bissell 9595a vacuum with Onepass Technology will deliver impressive suction so you can easily remove dust and debris from your carpets or hard floors. On top of that, the innovative brush design will also help you in collecting dust on your carpets.

In addition, the vacuum also features a large dirt tank with a capacity of 2.0 L. This allows you to vacuum your entire house without having to empty it every once in a while. And speaking of emptying, with its open design, you can easily disassemble the dust container and remove the wastes in just a few steps.

You can even take out the cyclonic power unit to completely get rid of all the dust that were clunked up inside your vacuum. Moreover, the product comes with a washable foam filter which makes it quite easy to clean and maintain. However, the lack of a proper HEPA filter is a major drawback.

Nonetheless, with a price range of just a little more than $100, you won’t be likely to find any other products that offer the same features as this one. And if you’re willing to accept some of its imperfections, this is still a great bagless vacuum for the price.

To enable you to make your own decision on whether to purchase the product or not, we think that you’ll have to dive deeper into some other options. That being said, it’s recommended that you take an up-close look at all of its notable features, which are presented below.

Notable features

Easy to assemble

The product comes unassembled and will require you to spend some time putting the parts together. But the good news is that it’s extremely simple and you can all do it without any help.

That being said, you just need to attach the handle on the vacuum, mount the attachments on the back of it, then attach the hose between the dirt tank and the vacuum head. It can be done in less than 10 minutes if you read through the instructions properly.

Good suction and works great on carpets

In addition, the Bissell Cleanview 9595 also features good suction that allows it to collect multiple debris of varied sizes. And the innovative brush rolling technology will make the vacuum the perfect option for dealing with fine dust on your carpet.

The vacuum also performs decently on hard floors, but is not as good as it is on your carpets. And in certain cases, you’ll find it hard to collect larger debris as they’re too big to pass through. To deal with this, users will have the option of adjusting the height of your vacuum head to one of five different levels. This will ensure that your vacuum height is positioned high enough so that the debris can be collected properly.

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Still, since you can’t turn off the brush roller, vacuuming with the product on hard floors can sometimes send a small portion of debris flying all over the place, especially when you don’t vacuum them up directly under the vacuum head. Hence, it’s recommended that you go for the other attachment options rather than the upright cleaner head if you need to deal with certain spots.

Multiple attachments to make uses of

And speaking of which, the Bissell 9595a comes with all the useful attachments that you would want to have and more. These include an extension wand that can connect to your hose to reach higher, a useful crevice tool for removing dust in tight spaces, a dusting tool for dealing with upholsteries, and the turbo brush tool if you’re having problems with pet hair.

To use any of the given attachments, you just need to remove the part of the hose which is connected to the vacuum head. Then choose whichever tool you want and mount it on your hose for more convenient cleaning experiences.

Additional features to consider

To start with, you’ll notice that the vacuum comes with a side-mounted switch instead of a handle-mounted one. For some of you, this might not seem like a big problem, but most users will find it extremely annoying whenever they have to reach down to switch off the vacuum.

However, if you don’t mind that, the vacuum performs really well, especially on carpets. With a large dirt tank of 2.0 L, you can collect a lot of dust and hair without having to remove them immediately. And the cyclone technology will maintain a good level of suction on your vacuum until it’s completely clunked with dust.

Since it’s a bagless vacuum, you can easily remove the dust container and empty all the collected dust in just a few minutes. And as mentioned, you can also take out the cyclone unit to get rid of any clunked hair. Finally, with the washable foam filter, the maintenance on the Bissell 9595a can be done relatively easy.

In addition, the vacuum comes with a relatively long power cable which measures 25 feet, enough for you to reach most of the different places inside your apartment without having to switch to another outlet wherever you go.


➜ Good value for the money

➜ Easy to clean and maintain

➜ Works great on carpets

➜ Useful attachments


➜ Arrive unassembled

➜ Don’t do well on hard floors


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And that’s our opinions regarding the Bissell 9595a Cleanview Bagless Vacuum. Hope you find our reviews of the product useful. Thanks and we’ll see you in our future posts.

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