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Take many practice exams You compromise your chances of performing well on a test as difficult as the LSAT if you fail to take a sufficient number of practice exams. Practice exams help prepare you for write my essay. You need approximately 30 full-length practice tests under your belt before you sit down to take the actual exam. You maximize the benefit of practice tests if you take them in conjunction with an LSAT prep class.

DO: Consider a private tutor If a private LSAT tutor offers instruction in your area, engage her services. Private tutor sessions make a terrific complement to a prep class. Even a few sessions with a private tutor help you to focus on any weaknesses that you discover during your prep classes. Make certain that the tutor possesses at least two years of LSAT teaching experience.

DON'T: Cram for the test Study a set number of hours every day before the exam to increase your chances of performing well on the LSAT. Do not attempt to cram during the last few days leading up to the test. You want to have your mind fresh when you take the test, not overworked. Think of the time leading up to the exam as preparation for a marathon rather than a sprint. Prepare at a steady, even pace.

DON'T: Schedule your prep classes too close to the exam date Avoid taking any prep class that finishes just before the test date. You want to leave yourself time to work on any weaknesses that remain after you finish the course. You also need to give yourself some time to reinforce what you learned in class. Allow a few weeks between the end of the prep course and the date of the LSAT exam.

The LSAT does not include a passing score. Law schools look at your personal score and compare it to other students scores. A high score qualifies you for top tier law school admissions. A low score relegates you to bottom tier law school admissions. Preparing for the LSAT in a disciplined way improves your odds of scoring well and impressing the law school admissions committees.

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